Basketball Director: Gary Wilfong Jr.

By Skylar Berenbrock 

Bob Renwick, and Gary Wilfong Sr. started the basketball program 25 years ago with AYBT and then partnered with the Meijer State Games of Michigan. After over two decades of building the program, the pair retired, leaving big footsteps for whoever came next. 

Gary Wilfong Jr, stepped in following in the footsteps of his friend and his father to direct the Meijer State Games of Michigan basketball tournaments. Gary will be coordinating over 700 youth basketball players for the Summer Games. 

Courtesy of Steven Elkowitz

Courtesy of Steven Elkowitz

I enjoy organizing tournaments, making relationships with the coaches and getting the teams and venues organized

Gary currently organizes 12 tournaments a year, 2 of which are with the Meijer State Games of Michigan. This year alone the tournament has gotten upwards of fifteen teams from the east side of the state to register. The Meijer State Games take place on the west side of the state, but Gary says the east side is just as excited to get involved and playing.

Courtesy of Calvin Fagley

Courtesy of Calvin Fagley

We have a lot of regular teams that come in just because of the Meijer State Games of Michigan and what [the Meijer State Games] offers with the Olympic-styled ceremonies, lighting of the cauldron and number of participants.

One of the overarching goals of Gary's is to keep working on getting teams from all over the state and build off the participation of west Michigan teams, so all areas of Michigan are represented making the tournament a true statewide tournament..

Gary humbly attributes much of his success to his father, Wilfong Sr., and his friend, Renwick:

They both started the program with Eric and the Meijer State Games of Michigan. [Renwick] was a great athlete, bowler and golfer and I’d just like to recognize him because he’s the one that started the program.

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