The Newest Sport to the Meijer State Games: FootGolf

Photo via FIFG Photo Archive 2009

Photo via FIFG Photo Archive 2009

More than forty sports are represented at the Meijer State Games and now FootGolf is one of them. If you haven't heard of FootGolf, you're about to. Not just from the Meijer State Games but all over as people of all ages are starting to play. Footgolf is exactly what it sounds like; a mix between soccer and golf.

This new sport has players kick a soccer ball to make a hole instead of hitting a ball with a club. This new take on the usually technical game of golf contributes greatly to its growing popularity. With it's own league, American FootGolf League, and now being offered by Walt Disney World -who owns ESPN- Golf, it's clear that FootGolf is going to be the sport to check out this year at the Meijer State Games. 

Whether you are looking to get a gold medal or just have a fun time with friends, FootGolf is a player friendly sport.

"Don't be afraid of FootGolf because you think it's going to be hard," says FootGolf sport director, Mirza Causevic. Causevic is the first FootGolf director for the Meijer Games and he is excited for people to come out: 

"FootGolf is just about getting out there with friends and family, kicking a soccer ball as far as you can while being out on a golf course."

The Meijer State Game's will be hosting FootGolf on the Stormy Creek FootGolf Course, one of the first golf courses to offer FootGolf. If you are unsure about trying FootGolf this summer, Causevic says this:

"You're not running track, you're not playing thirty-minute games. You're out there with a couple buddies, kicking a soccer ball around. Just about anybody can play and it's going to be a really cool event."

For more information about the game of FootGolf check out the league's website. Be sure to not to miss out on the Meijer State Game's FootGolf by checking the event's day and time and by registering here.