The 2018 National Anthem Contest Winner: Macy Krupiczewicz

Photo by Fran Dwight Photography

Photo by Fran Dwight Photography

With only a 66 point vote difference between our winner and runner-up, Macy Krupiczewicz (Krew) has been voted to sing the national anthem at the Meijer State Games of Michigan opening ceremony. Just this spring, Krupiczewicz graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in broadcast journalism. Her one true passion though is singing.

Among her friends and family, Krew's love for singing is well known. Her boyfriend's dad was the one that told Krew about the Meijer State Game's competition. When Krew made the top three and voting went live on Facebook, everyone seemed to be doing as much as they could for Krew to win by sharing the link to vote and encouraging others to do the same.

"Everyone knows how much music means to me so to have a fan base of people looking out for me is amazing support to have," says Krew. 

There is no doubt that Krew has a contest winning singing voice. Since she was little, Krew has loved to sing and plans to move to Nashville to pursue her dream of making singing her full time job. While her dreams are taking her hundreds of miles from Michigan, Krew says she is excited to represent her hometown, as well as the entire country, when she sings the national anthem at the Meijer State Games.

Photo by Abby Jeanne Photography

Photo by Abby Jeanne Photography

Winning the national anthem contest was a win-win for Krew. Most exciting, she says, it getting to honor her country, her hometown, and to be doing what she loves for a crowd of sports fans.  Not far from the feeling that the Meijer Game's athletes get for their sport, Krew tries to put into words what her passion for singing is like:

"It's hard to explain. It's more like a fire within me. It's what I'm meant to do because if you put enough hard work and passion into something you are bound to get there some day."

Krew plans on attending as many sport events during the Meijer State Games of Michigan as she possibly can. Her hope is to show support for as many people as she can because it was many people's support that helped her win the national anthem contest. 

The national anthem contest sponsored by Heglund Sova Realty has officially closed this year, but the contest will be back again for the next Meijer State Games. Here are the rules to know for then.

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