Snowball Softball (co-ed only)

Event Date:

Saturday February 17, 2018


Huff Park
2286 Ball Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Tournament Director:

Sean Bain, Rusty Warriors

Entry Fee:

Tentative Entry Fee:

$250/Per team (Please email your roster to Sean Bain)
Tournament limited to 12 teams Double Elimination


Registration has closed for this event.

Payment due by Sunday, Feb 11th @ 11:59 PM


MASA Rules with tournament exceptions. Official rules are available (download)

  • Each batter will start with a 3/2 count.
  • The strike zone will be a carpet laid on the front edge of the plate. Any pitch that hits the carpet will be a strike.
  • The batter’s box rule is not in effect.
  • The batting order will be rocket rule with the weave. Man, Women rotation must remain in place.
  • There will be no protests allowed. The umpire’s decision is final.
  • Unlimited home runs.
  • Defensive positioning is 5 men and 5 women in any alignment. If a team doesn’t have enough men any amount of women may be used to make 10 defenders. If a team doesn’t have enough women it may not use more than 5 men in the field. Must have 8 players to start.  
  • Teams must have at least 4 women to play.
  • 5 inning ball game 45 min. time limit.
  • No grace period. Game time is forfeit time. The tournament director will make this call.
  • The mercy rule is 10 runs ahead after 2 ½ or 3 innings.
  • No metal spikes.
  • No snow will be removed from the field.
  • The elements will be what they are.