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Dates & Location:

June 27-28, 2015
Huff Park (Aberdeen and Ball Ave)

Other venues as needed

Adult Tournament Director:

Jim Indgjer 
(616) 304-5786

Entry Fee:

Registration information coming soon!


This event is sanctioned by Michigan ASA and will follow Michigan ASA
rules and regulations. For more information on ASA rules, please contact:

Softball Commissioner:
Jerry Hanson
Michigan ASA

Tournaments Offered

Class B: 1 ASA National Championship berth

Class C: 1 ASA National Championship berth

Class D: 3 MASA State Championship berths and 1 ASA National Championship berth

Class E: 3 MASA State Championship berths and 1 ASA National Championship berth

Class F: 3 MASA State Championship berths


Click here for 2014 Results!

2013 Game Results

Men's D:

Men's E:


Lineshots (W) vs. Rover+9 (L) 5-4
Wicked Hop (W) vs. Diamond Kingz (L) 10-4
Fireball Tribe (W) vs. Sneaky Fast (L) 13-2
Kamakazi (W) vs. Relentless (L) 5-4
Lineshots (W) vs. PW Softball (L) 5-4
Diamond Kingz (W) vs. Rover + 9 (L) 14-3
PW Softball (W) vs. Relentless (L) 13-4
Diamond Kings (W) vs. Sneaky Fast 16-8
Northside (W) vs. Wicked Hop (L) 16-15
Kamakazi (W) vs. Lineshots (L) 6-2
Diamond Kingz (W) vs. Lineshots (L) 18-5
Northside (W) vs. Kamakazi (L) 7-4
Diamond Kingz (W) vs. Wicked Hop (L) 20-6
Diamond Kingz (W) vs. Kamakazi (L) 12-2
Championship Game:
Northside (W) vs. Diamond Kingz (L) 15-6
1st place gold - Northside
2nd place silver - Diamond Kingz
3rd place bronze - Kamakazee

Men's F:

D&R Sports (W) vs. Pure Velocity (L) 6-2
Big L Beavers (W) vs. Little Haul (L) 11-5
Full Throttle (W) vs. Upper Crust (L) 10-7
Ruff Ryders (W) vs. Capital City (L) 19-2
White Lake (w) vs. Bone Crunchers (L) 12-2
D&R Sports (W) vs. Fug Graphics (L) 16-2
Coors Light (W) vs. Big L Beavers (L) 13-2
Ruff Ryders (W) vs. Full Throttle (L) 18-6
White Lake (W) vs. Rock Solid (L) 9-2
Upper Crust (W) vs. Capital City (L) 12-5
Big L Beavers (W) vs. Bone Crunchers (L) 13-6
Full Throttle (W) vs. Pure Velocity (L) 15-14
Rock Solid (W) vs. Little Hall (L) 11-1
Fug Graphics (W) vs. Upper Crust (L) 11-6
D&R Sports (W) vs. Coors Light (L) 10-2
White Lake (W) vs. Ruff Ryders (L) 19-7
Big L Beavers (W) vs. Fug Graphics (L) 7-0
Rock Solid (W) vs. Full Throttle (L) 20-8
Ruff Ryders (W) vs. Big L Beavers (L) 18-10
Rock Solid (W) vs. Coors Light (L) 7-5
D&R Sports (W) vs. White Lakes (L) 20-3
Rock Solid (W) vs. Ruff Ryders (L) 11-1
While Lake (W) vs. Rock Solid (L) 11-9
Championship Game: D&R (Gold) vs. White Lake (Silver) 23-0
1st place gold - D&R Sports
2nd place silver - White Lake
3rd place bronze - Ruff Ryders

2012 Final Results
Men's Class E

- Sport About

2nd- Bad Company

3rd- Phoenix Softball

Men's Class F

1st- Big-L-Beavers

2nd- Coors Light

3rd- Busch Light


2011 Adult Softball Results

Class E Bracket

Place Team Hometown
Gold Riverbend Lowell
Silver Miken Renagades Grand Rapids
Bronze Rampage Muskegon

Class F Bracket

Place Team Hometown
Gold Team Menace Muskegon
Silver Coors Light Mason
Bronze Main Steet Pub Portage